If you are a keen tennis player but have trouble with your vision then we can help you with Sports eyewear – prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses.

Tennis – sports eyewear

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Contrast for enhanced vision

Sunglasses are extremely advanced now and lenses can ensure that there is a vivid contrast between the ball and the tennis court. Specialised tinted tennis lenses give protection from the harmful rays of the sun. They may also improve performance by enabling the player to see the tennis ball clearly - it appears virtually luminous through tinted lenses so that you can play at your best regardless of brightness or low light conditions.

Protection, style and damage limitation

A pair of specialist sunglasses for tennis would be beneficial to you in four ways:

  1. they will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
  2. they will protect your eyes from dust that may spring up from the court or racquet
  3. they will protect your eyes from injury if a ball hits you
  4. they will give you an advantage as a player - if you can see the tennis ball clearly, then you are more likely to hit it accurately!

Bridle Opticians – experts at finding sunglasses for tennis players

Pop in to Bridle Opticians and our experts will provide help and advice so that you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for your game of tennis. Our sunglasses will not slip, move around, are extremely comfortable, look fantastic and will provide you with clear vision in all light conditions.

Not a tennis player but love the game?

Why not choose from our designer sunglasses and look the part whilst watching Wimbledon? When the camera pans across the crowd you’ll look right at home amongst the celebrities and stars who watch the game every year.

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