Do you love the great outdoors? The wind in your hair, the sea, the salt, the thrill of being on open water?  Do you want to chill on the deck of a gin palace or get your bottom wet hanging over the side of a Laser?  You maybe wanting to kite surf or windsurf in which case sunspecs may easily get knocked off and contact lenses could be the better option, come and have a chat.

Sailing – Sunglasses and Glasses

If you want to look the part, protect your eyes, and see clearly whilst sailing, then Bridle Opticians provides a great range of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.

Protection from Ultra-Violet (UV) rays

its always very bright on the water, so your sunglasses will need to provide UV protection. Our lenses will cut out ultra-violet rays and by choosing a coloured tint, you will be able to see more clearly and in greater contrast.

Tints that we offer for sunglasses

For sailing the best tint is Polarised – this reduces the reflected glare off water and shiny surfaces, we can combine polarising with photochromic to provide a fantastic pair of sunspecs.

But otherwise:

Yellow – best for overcast conditions.
Blue – reduces glare significantly by reflecting blue light.
Grey – eliminates most of the sun’s glare whilst enabling you to see darker versions of all colours.
Photochromic - the tint changes darkness dependent on light conditions

Water on your lenses

We can supply sunglasses with a hydrophobic coating. The lenses are resistant to water and if splashed the water droplets will run straight off rather than clinging to each lens.


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