Care and Handling advice

Cleaning and Disinfecting you contact lenses is vital for maintaining/enhancing the performance of your contact lenses, decreasing the risk of infection and also for your comfort.

Look after your contact lenses

Care and Handling plays a part both when inserting the lenses, and when removing the lenses.

With Insertion:

* Wash your hands thoroughly, and go to a mirror that enables you a close view
* Place the lens on the middle of your finger with the concave side uppermost
* Gently pull the top lid from above
* With another finger, gently pull the lower lid of your eye down
* Looking straight ahead into the mirror, put the lens gently on the centre of the eye
* Slowly release the lower lid when ready, and release the upper lid by gently blinking
* If you have a case, make sure you rinse out with sterile water and allow to dry naturally.

With Removal:


* Wash your hands thoroughly
* Pull down your lower lid
* Place the tips of your index finger and thumb against the sides of the lens
* Pressing the lens slightly to gently pinch from the eye
* Clean and rinse the lens according to your solutions instructions
* Place the lens in a storage case

All first time contact lens wearers will have an appointment with the optometrist who will go through these procedures, however if at any point you want some more advice, feel free to come in and we will be happy to help