confident driving at night? how can Rodenstock Drive lenses help you?

Whether you drive a petrol a diesel or a new electric vehicle you need to see well enough to be confident especially at night or in demanding lighting situations.

Click on the link and watch the video, Rodenstock Drive lenses are available in single vision and varifocal designs and can be worn for all general tasks but give additional benefits over ordinary lenses when driving at night.  These lenses have a pale residual colouration and a special filter reflection free coating.

We have also found success with Shamir's Blue Zero material, this blocks the long blue light and reduces glare and flare at night, this is also good if you have early cataracts because it reduces the light scatter.

During the day Drivewear lenses are great; these do not go totally clear but, given our variable weather, are a brilliant general purpose sunglass lens for the UK.  The lenses have a polarising layer to cut the reflected glare which cut the image contrast and is so tiring, coupled to this is a photochromic layer which adjusts based on the amount of light present.