Dry Eye

Dry Eye


Itchy, runny, blurry - it's possibly Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome, otherwise known as dry eye disease, occurs when the eyes do not make enough tears, when the tears that are produced are of poor quality, or the tears evaporate too quickly because the oil glands are blocked or abnormal. It can affect up to 40% of the population so if you suffer from this, you are not alone.

The function of your tears is to keep the eyes surface lubricated and wet, so when there is a shortage or reduction in quality we experience a gritty, dry, burning sensation, which in some cases can disturb vision.

The main symptoms of Dry Eyes:

  • Dryness
  • Burning, Stinging or Itching
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Eye Redness
  • Tired Eyes
  • Excessive Watering
  • Irritation from Wind or Smoke
  • Contact Lens Discomfort

Why does Dry Eye occur?

There is no specific cause for dry eye, however there are a number of factors which contribute to the development of dry eye which include:

  • Ageing
  • Dry Environment and Pollution
  • Hormonal Changes (especially in women e.g. menopause)
  • Preservatives
  • Computer Use
  • Contact Lens Wear
  • Certain types of medications (anti-acne, oral contraceptives, alcohol, anti-depressants...) Please note: Do not alter or adjust your prescribed medicines without discussing with your Doctor.

The good news

Dry Eye can be treated. Do not leave it. If you think you may have dry eye syndrome then seek help because long term dryness can cause ulcerated cornea and scarring.

What Bridle Opticians can do for you…

Bridle Opticians is an accredited Dry Eye Practice. Our specialists have undertaken Dry Eye Education leading to certification in the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye. Our specialist evaluation of your dry eye involves, if not more than, some of the following steps:

  • Health and medication History
  • Symptoms and past Dry Eye treatments
  • Tear quantity and quality assessments
  • Microscope examination of the front of the eye
  • Microscope examination of the eye Lids.
  • a treatment plan for the first month
  • a second appointment for evaluation of the success and development of a management plan


"My eyes feel better now than for years, thank you"

Mrs A Pugh

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