Myopia Control

Myopia Control


reducing the progression of short-sightedness

We all know that many Chinese people and those from neighbouring countries are short-sighted and need to wear glasses, and now we as professionals know that this is spreading to the western countries as well.  There may be many reasons but we now have the tools to help limit the severity of this Myopia pandemic, using Myopia Management contact lenses and spectacles we can reduce the amount of Myopia achieved in adulthood compared to wearing ordinary spectacles.

Why worry?  Myopia doesn't sound drastic it just means wearing glasses surely?

A person who has significant Myopia cannot navigate their house at night without their glasses, finding them in an emergency adds unnecessary stress, reducing the need for glasses helps.

Significant Myopia leads to a thinner retina at the back of the eye due to the eye stretching as it continues to grow, this can mean an increased risk of retinal detachments but also other sight threatening retinopathies or maculopathies.

Short-sighted people need thick edged lenses and these become thicker and heavier as they become more short-sighted, limiting the amount of Myopia keeps the glasses comfortable and wearable as well as better looking.

Myopia Management can be tried using contact lenses such as MiSight and NaturaVue but also now spectacle lenses such as MiYOSMART, worn all the time all of these options aim to reduce the out of control growth of the eye from front to back, which means the wearer ends up needing thinner lenses than they would otherwise have done.