Crown green bowls is sociable and involves concentration and skill.

Bowls – Prescription glasses and sunglasses

If you regularly enjoy a game of bowls but never seem to come close to the jack, then it may not be your judgement, it may be your glasses letting you down!

Free eye tests

Eye tests are free for the over 60s so if you think that your prescription may be out of date, then contact us and we will get you booked in for an eye examination.

The correct prescription

Once we have the correct prescription we can find glasses or sunglasses that will help you to better your game.

Tinted glasses or sunglasses

Adding a coloured tint to your glasses or sunglasses can provide a crisper contrast between the bowling green. the bowls and the jack. You will be able to see more clearly and this will give you the advantage against your opponents.  Photochromic lenses work well as they adjust to the prevailing light, but getting the colour right is the most important aspect.  Playing indoor bowls comes with different challenges and a baseball cap may be essential or a graduated tint - darker at the top.

When you are winning…

Once you have your new pair of glasses, you will undoubtedly do better in your game. When others in your club ask you for your crown green bowling tips, please, don’t keep it to yourself, send them to Bridle Opticians!

Call us or visit us

Contact us to make an appointment so that we check your current prescription and find you the most suitable glasses or sunglasses for your game of crown green bowling.

Alternatively pop along to one of our branches without an appointment and talk to one of our dispensing opticians.