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seeing on the Piste.

If you love the adrenaline of skiing, the bright sunshine, crisp air and clear blue skies then come along to one of our branches to find a pair of sunglasses that will fit the bill on your skiing trip. On Piste off Piste, we've got you covered.

Skiing – Sunglasses for Skiing

We sell a range of sports sunglasses that can be fitted with or without a prescription.

How about a Ski mask with your prescription lenses fitted inside?  available for children and adults

Increased ultra-violet light and infra-red radiation

High mountains have less oxygen and more infrared radiation than at sea level. This can cause major problems with your eyes. Combine that with increased levels of ultra-violet light and damage to the eye is extremely likely if precautions are not taken.

These dangers can be eliminated with a pair of good quality sunglasses.

Reflection and snow blindness

Brilliant white slopes are perfect conditions for skiing but not good for eyes. Ensure that your sunglasses cut out the glare from the slopes to avoid snow blindness. This condition can cause blurred vision, black spots in front of your eyes and severe headaches.

We can take your designer sunglasses and fit prescription lenses into them. This will mean that not only will you be able to see clearly but it you will have complete protection against harmful rays and glare.

Tint to enhance vision and polarised for reducing glare

Yellow tints, green tints, blue tints. We supply a wide range of tinted lenses to enhance your vision by allowing you to see clearly in poor conditions to heighten contrast. Our polarised lenses provide excellent vision against the glare of the snow.

Sunglasses, ski goggles or glasses?

If you need a prescription but love a particular pair of designer sunglasses then we can find a solution for you. We can fit new prescription lenses to designer frames, ensure that your snow goggles have prescription lenses or put your glasses behind ski goggles. You let us know the type of snow goggles or sunglasses that you like and we will work with you so that you have sunglasses that are stylish and protect you from the elements on the slopes.

And if you need any convincing about the merits of a good pair of ski goggles – remember Eddie the Eagle? Spectacle wearer and ‘have a go Brit’ who tackled adversity to fly down a ski jump at 106.8 miles per hour (for those under a certain age, you will find him on You Tube!)

Call us or visit us

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can help you to find the most suitable sunglasses or ski googles for your trip.

Alternatively pop along to one of our branches without an appointment and talk to one of our dispensing opticians.