Contact Lenses


Trying to understand the terminology surrounding contact lenses is never an easy one - even for the most experienced.

And what about Contact Lenses for children? Learn more about our approach.

A wide range of contact lenses

We supply daily, 2 weekly and monthly disposable contact lenses. These are also available as toric lenses for our patients with astigmatism and multifocal versions as well, low and high water content lenses, and large and small diameter. There are tinted contact lenses, coloured contact lenses and even hand painted lenses!

There are gas permeable contact lenses which are an important option to consider for those patient's with large amounts of astigmatism. We have the option of varifocal lenses for people needing a reading correction as well for distance.

Your prescription, your visual needs and the shape of your eye, along with the quality of your tears are all things that we take into account when we discuss contact lenses with you.

Contact Lenses – daily contact lenses and monthly contact lenses

Daily disposables are so popular now, convenient, comfortable and healthy.
Monthly disposables need a bit more care, attention and daily cleaning, but are more cost effective.

CibaVision - We are moving on from the standard Aquacomfort Plus daily disposable and fitting the Precision 1 lens in sphere and astigmatic form.

Coopervision - The new Biofinity lens. We are having lots of success with the monthly silicon hydrogel lens for Astigmatism and the multifocal version.

Acuvue - 1 day Acuvue Moist, Oasys 1-day and Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism


We make the choosing of contact lenses straight forward

Your eyesight is unique to you. With so many options out there, we suggest that you pop along to one of our branches and speak to our friendly and helpful opticians. They will help you to find contact lenses to meet your exact requirements.