Bridle Opticians are champions of sport for all. Child or adult, amateur or professional, you are all important to us. Whether it is tennis in the park against friends or international cricket against India, the one thing you have in common is that you want to do your best to win and to do this you need to see well!

We may not be Olympians but we do enjoy our sport: Michaela is an avid dinghy sailor, kayaker and mountain walker, Thurka is a danger on a beach volleyball court while David has always had a love of cycling, especially time trialling, and spent 15 years running 10k to marathons, but also had a 2 year dalliance with Triathlon: from sprints to Olympic distance. so we can understand your competitive urges and need to perform to the best of your capability.

Check out the local running club ToneZone Runners, a very inclusive club catering for beginners to experienced marathon runners, or maybe for triathlon training Chichester Westgate Triathlon Club or Tuff Fitty tri club

Sports eyewear – sports glasses, swimming goggles, sports sunglasses

Many top athletes wear prescription glasses or contact lenses for their sports. They need to stay on top of their game and accuracy is vital. We supply glasses with tints to cut out glare and reduce reflection to make vision crystal clear. When you reach out to catch that cricket ball you will know exactly where it is and will be able to see it clearly. When you return the serve in tennis, you will be able to easily spot the ball. Snow, sun or water – we can find you the ideal pair of sunglasses or glasses for your sport.

Prescription sports sunglasses

Prescription lenses in wraparound sunspecs have been a nightmare in the past. Patients come in with stories of uneven floors and blurred vision.

Bridle Opticians has the solution! We put prescription lenses in a wraparound frame using a Freeform digitally surfaced lens. This takes into account the shape of the frame and the power of the lenses at the design stage. We use Rodenstock Sport extracurved and Shamir Smart Attitude lenses to give clear vision from edge to edge.

The result? Professional looking prescription sunglasses that will have you looking every bit the top athlete.

Sports eyewear – underwater and over land

It’s not just sunglasses that have been a bother in the past, what about the swimmers who were not able to see clearly with their goggles on and had to guess where the end of the pool was, or the talented young footballers who were forced to sit on the side-lines because glasses were not allowed on the pitch?

This made us unhappy so we did something about it. We now stock prescription goggles to ensure no more bumping into other swimmers. We supply soft edged frames and plastic lenses for sports glasses to encourage young players to wear them onto football pitches.

We also offer help and advice for those who want to change from glasses to contact lenses. Contact lenses can be worn by children as young as five years old.

Contact lenses offer unhindered vision to improve sports performance. If you wear contact lenses then why not choose a pair of sunglasses to wear over them? Or a pair of multifocal contact lenses, suitable for both long distances and close up.

So our message to the next David Beckham or Jennifer Ennis is that at Bridle Opticians, we will help you to find the perfect pair of sports glasses or contact lenses just for you and by doing this you will be able to grow and flourish in your favourite sport.

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