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from pistols and compound bows to replica firearms and Olympic target rifles

If you enjoy the sport of shooting and the reward of hitting the target then you will know that it requires skill, accuracy and excellent vision. It requires expertise to look through the sight of a gun, line up the target and hit it.

Shooting – Sports eye wear

We provide a wide range of glasses and sunglasses for precision sports.

Speed or stationary?

Are you shooting at a moving target or a static target? Do you need glasses or sunglasses that improve contrast so that you can see a fast moving object across the sky? Or maybe your require glasses that are fully adjustable when fixing on a sitting target?

Indoor or outdoor shooting?

Low lighting indoors or glare outside? Whichever is your preferred environment for shooting we can provide the most suitable eyewear to give you accurate vision.

Shooting glasses

Whether you are a target shooter or a clay shooter we can help you improve your score, for target shooting we suggest a Champion or Knobloch shooting mount with multiple lens options and precise positioning, for Clay pigeon shooting we suggest a large and high frame with a high contrast lens: often orange or yellow in colour, but the lens we have had most success with changes from Orange in dull light to dark brown in bright sun.


It's common for the bow string to interact with your sunglasses making them unwearable and it maybe that contact lenses are the better option, however if you're a compound archer then we can use the foresight lens in combination with a contact lens to give you literally, telescopic vision.


Come into one of our branches and will measure you for your shooting glasses. We understand that comfort is important, from the size of the frame to the way it sits on your nose.

Contact Lenses

If you prefer to wear off the shelf sunglasses and Contact Lenses then we can help you there as well, contact lenses allow you to see in the periphery without interference, but for sustained non blinking focussed efforts they tear film may break down and cause blurring.

Call us or visit us

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can find you the most suitable glasses or sunglasses for shooting, and don't worry, we're quite used to people bringing rifles, pistols and bows into the practice!

Alternatively pop along to one of our branches without an appointment and talk to one of our dispensing opticians.