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Are you a competitive swimmer or perhaps you prefer a gentle float from one end of the pool to the other? Whichever best describes you, both require the ability to see!

What about joining a club and swimming competitively or just training hard?  Arun Swim school, based at Westbourne House school pool caters for children and Bognor Swimming club and Chichester Cormorants cater for all, Chichester Westgate Triathlon Club and Arun Triclub or Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club cater for those with more than one discipline in mind.

Prescription goggles to suit every mermaid or waterboy

Let us help you to find the perfect pair of prescription goggles.

See to swim!

You need to know when to turn, whether that be with a mastered and well-practiced flip turn or a languid glide to the end. You need to know where your competitors are and at the very least where fellow swimmers are in the pool!

Prescription and non-prescription goggles

We supply prescription and non–prescription goggles with an anti-fog coating so you will never again have to suffer a bumped nose as you mis-judge the length of the pool!

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