Sunglasses for all uses

Bridle Opticians offers a wide range of prescription sunglasses. Designer sunglasses for the latest look,

polarised sunglasses where you choose the shade combinations you would like, and sports sunglasses including Rudy Project, Nike, Jenson, Cocoa Mint, Wolf eyewear and the new Land Rover polarised sunspecs.

Sunglasses – look good whilst protecting your eyes

Whether you are a keen skier or cyclist who requires wraparound prescription sunglasses or you prefer pottering in the garden or strutting your stuff on the prom and you're looking for a pair of everyday sunglasses, we can match sunglasses to you for the best fit and look.

We are specialists in providing sports sunglasses. Instead of attaching sunglasses to your regular glasses, we can create wrap-around prescription sunglasses that look great and provide a complete range of vision.

Cut out the glare

Our sunglasses provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Every child and adult should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. Although the United Kingdom may seem like a temperate climate, don’t be fooled, the sun can still damage your eyes.

Catch that ball!

If you are a sportsman, you will know how difficult it can be sometimes to see the cricket ball against the sun or a tennis ball against the clouds. Choose a pair of sunglasses with us and we can show you what a difference contrast can make to your game.

Sports sunglasses

Think Tour de France, Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics. Sports men and women from all over the world compete with prescription sunglasses. Not only does it give them the ability to see clearly and cut out the glare, they look good too.

The less expensive option

We are a Cocoon stockist, these are great because they fit over you glasses and without your glasses, they provide protection from the high sun and when the sun cuts through the avenue of trees to the side of you.  Cocoons all have polarised lenses so cut the reflected glare really well and there are several lens colours to choose from depending on your need.

Designer sunglasses

Wimbledon, Ascot or Goodwood? Visit Bridle Opticians and find a pair of designer sunglasses to suit you and your budget. Dramatic or understated, studious or fun – the most difficult part about viewing from our wide selection of sunglasses is which pair to choose! Why not treat yourself and choose two pairs?