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DSE advice on VDU use and helpful tips

If you work on a computer all day then your eyes may feel tired, dry and you may be prone to headaches.

VDU screens and computer users

If you are in front of a VDU screen for most of the day then your employers are responsible for the safety of your eyes at work.

Eye sight test paid for by your employer

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (DSE regulations) 1992 your employer is required to provide you a regular eye test and if it is found that you require glasses to read your VDU screen then the cost of glasses could be their responsibility too. Speak to your line manager, then come and talk to us.

Reflection and glare

Make sure that your computer screen is not near to a window because sunlight can cause a problem. The screen may be difficult to read due to reflection or alternatively you may face the window with sunlight streaming in and this can produce glare and cause squinting and headaches.

Regular breaks

Extended time looking at a screen is not good for your eyes. Take regular breaks, look into the distance, walk around, look up, look down and exercise your eyes. This is good practice not only for those looking at VDU screens all day but anyone dealing with close up detailed work for extended periods of time.

20:20:20 Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look 20 metres away. Adding live plants to you office or home environment is beneficial as well as opening a window or making sure the air-con is not on full blast.

Glasses for the office

We supply a selection of glasses that include anti-glare covering so that VDU screens are less harsh on the eyes.

You may find it necessary to have one power for the computer screen and another power for the nearer desk, if so we can use Rodenstock Ergo lenses which provide a greater depth of focus than ordinary reading glasses, and make life on a computer a joy.

There has been a lot of talk about high energy blue light referring to the blue that isn't quite Ultra-Violet, we can Shamir Blue Zero lenses to reduce this although our diurnal rhythm is managed by the long blue in sunlight so we don't suggest you wear them all day.

Contact lenses and dry eye

If you are a contact lens wearer and suffer from dry eyes at work, it may be that you are focused on a VDU screen for too long without exercising your eyes or there may be other factors. Contact us at Bridle Opticians and we will talk with you about dry eyes and ways to avoid this from happening.  It maybe that just instilling drops before and regularly during your screen use could answer your problem, we use and sell the Spectrum Thea eye care products as well as many others.

Call us or visit us

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can book you in for an eye examination and help you to find the right glasses for you, should you need them. If we find you have clear signs of Dry Eye Disease we will arrange a Dry Eye Clinic assessment after which we will be able to help you manage the condition much better.