Glasses & Sunglasses

Glasses & Sunglasses


We provide a wide variety of lenses and frames to create the perfect pair of prescription glasses for you.

Glasses and Spectacles - a wide range for you to choose from

Every person is different and our dispensing opticians will spend time listening to you so that they can help you to find the right pair of glasses. Perhaps you are looking for reading glasses, sports glasses or designer glasses – whichever type of glasses you are looking for, we can help.

Helping you to find your perfect lenses

From quality lens manufacturers like Rodenstock and Shamir, we supply thinner lens technology in single vision, bifocal and varifocal forms, the latest varifocal designs using state of the art manufacturing technology, and reflection free coatings which are easier than ever to keep clean.

Light and more comfortable, thinner and better looking spectacles with less irritating reflections so that people can concentrate on you, not the spectacles you wear.

Photochromic lenses
How about lenses which automatically adjust to the ambient lighting? We can supply photochromic lenses in even the thinnest materials, giving you the option of great looking spectacles which double as sunglasses. Transition Signature 8 Lenses are commonly seen advertised on TV and are probably the market leader in photo-chromic lenses.

With the current trend for rimless and lightweight semi-rimless frames it is important to choose lenses that will accept the rigours of daily life. Using 1.6 or 1.67 thin and light lens materials you can be sure that the lenses will stand up to almost anything you can throw at them.

If you want really lightweight tough lenses talk to us about Trivex. As a Trivex Specialist Centre we will advise you on how to get the best from your specs.

Rodenstock Impressions
Varifocal technology continues to develop and the Rodenstock Impressions range is at the forefront of that revolution. Using a complex freeform computer controlled manufacturing processes, these lenses give you the best vision yet from a varifocal. Due to the individual nature of the design and manufacturing process, your vision will be the same whichever frame style you choose, something which ordinary varifocal designs cannot claim.

Fitting well with our aims to become greener Shamir have launched a new lens material: Metaform, this material is lighter, thinner and uses much less water in it's production than standard equivalent lenses.


Frames for your glasses

At Bridle Opticians, we endeavour to help you find the perfect glasses frame, which can be tailored to accept your lenses and fit your face both properly and comfortably.

We constantly update our range of spectacle frames as we not only want to keep up to date with the latest trends, but we want to offer you the widest variety possible, so you really do find a frame that is perfect just for you.

We sell children’s glasses frames in addition to men’s glasses and women’s glasses.

Rimless glasses – see the future without boundaries!
Come and see the new Silhouette Titan Accent Flora and Titan Icon. We stock Silhouette rimless designs in both practices.

Our very own David Bridle is a fan and wearer of Silhouette glasses and he shares his love of Silhouette glasses with one very distinguished lady - the Queen!

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