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Model Making/ Embroidery


Model making and Embroidery require very close focus and concentration

Detailed close up work requires concentration and good eyesight.

Prescription glasses for model makers

If you love making models, enjoy the challenge of a 5,000 piece jigsaw or make jewellery for a living then you may suffer from headaches or blurred vision, don't give up what you love doing, book an eye examination as you may benefit from different glasses.

This is a sure sign that your prescription is not up-to-date and that your glasses are not ‘fit for purpose’. Please don’t leave it. We have seen enough customers over the years to know that leaving a visit to your local opticians is not a good idea. Eye problems can be prevented if dealt with promptly.

Eye tests

We carry out detailed eye examinations and if you are in full time education and under 19 years old or over 60 years old, your eye test is free.

Prescription glasses

Visit Bridle Opticians and our friendly dispensing opticians will help you to find the most suitable glasses so that you can carry out close up work without straining your eyes.

Some tasks require a different power lens to your ordinary reading spectacles, this maybe stronger lenses to focus on a very near object, but lighting can be just as important. Whichever solution you need, we can help you to find them.

The ultimate close up test – thread through an eye of a needle

Can you do this with your existing glasses – if the answer is no, then come in to see us!

Call us or visit us

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can check your current prescription and if necessary update it and find a new pair of glasses for you.

Alternatively pop along to one of our branches without an appointment and talk with one of our dispensing opticians.