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Contact Lenses for Children


how young?

If a child requires correction for their vision, most people think of glasses; however, contact lenses are becoming more accessible from a far younger age.

Why contact lenses for children?

Contact lenses are more convenient if your child plays sports, especially contact sports as they will not be broken on the playing field. Children often have self-esteem issues and sometimes contact lenses can help these. Once the contact lens is on the eye, a child is more likely to forget about it rather than taking their glasses off and on during the course of an average day. Constant vision correction will help with squints and astigmatism

We know that many more people are now becoming short-sighted, some of which maybe for environmental reasons such as an indoor life and concentration on too many close objects for too long.  Our obsession with mobile phones, tablets, computers and video games seems to be stopping our eyes from seeing in the distance.  At Bridle opticians we understand that children's eyes are very important and that we should encourage any intervention that may help: we suggest outdoor activities should be a big part of everyone's life.

We suggest Coopervision MiSight lenses to children and parents who we think maybe becoming short-sighted to try to avoid their eyes growing uncontrollably.

Minimum age for contact lenses

There is no minimum age although the average age is 10 years old. Wearing them mainly for sport, some of our younger contact lens wearers are only 6 years old, but at this age they do need more help from Mum & Dad.

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