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Our Contact Lens Professional Fees


How we charge for our contact lens service.

At Bridle Opticians we want you to be as happy as you can with the condition of your eyes. If you buy contact lenses through one of our branches, you automatically join our Contact Lens Annual Care Scheme.

Bridle Opticians will prescribe the correct contact lenses for your eyes

We aim to give you the best possible prices and provide high quality contact lenses for your eyes. We will trial new products as soon as they become available. If you wear frequent replacement lenses we can supply replacements for any you lose.

What does the Contact Lens Annual Care Scheme cover?

  • It covers all professional fees, which means you can come for a contact lens related consultation whenever you feel necessary.
  • We must see you at least once a year, but may insist on more visits depending on your eyes and the types of contact lenses you wear.
  • We also include your routine eye examination at one or two yearly intervals as necessary in the Care Scheme which is great.
  • Contact lenses at really keen prices.


Cost for our Contact Lens Annual Care Scheme

Our Contact Lens Annual Care Scheme is only £108 per year, and can either be paid at the annual consultation or by standing order at just £9 per month. We all know that standing orders are a great way to spread the cost of your purchases, and goods supplied after you start the standing order are prepaid which means you can enjoy them without worrying about having to find the money to pay for them now.

Standing Order

If you decide to pay by standing order you might opt to purchase your contact lenses as and when you need them, which is great if you only wear them for social uses. Alternatively you can add the product price into the standing order value and we can make sure that the daily contact lenses or monthly contact lenses and solution pack are here waiting for you automatically when you need them every three or six months.